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The Board, in early meetings, gave high and immediate priority to three projects for which task forces were set up: Home and School (which concerns the fruitful interaction of these two chief agents of education); Financing of Education (which concerns new means of supporting education and increasing its productivity); and Science Education. These projects have resulted in both book–length publications and, in some cases, also in shorter publications aimed at practitioners, as well as forming the basis for plans for workshops.


Major Publications

The work of the Academy has formed the focus of several journal articles and symposia at annual meetings of the American Educational Research Association. The Academy’s activities have resulted in the following major publications:

Eicher, J.–C., & Chevaillier, T. (1994). Rethinking the finance of post–compulsory education. International Journal of Educational Research, 19(5), 445–519. (whole issue)

Fraser, B. J., & Walberg, J. H. (Eds.). (1995). Improving Science Education. Chicago, IL: National Society for the Study of Education.

International Academy of Education. (1995). Families and schools: A handbook for practitioners. School of Community Journal, 5(1), 1–90. (whole issue)

Kellaghan, T., Sloan, K., Alvarez, B., & Bloom, B. (1993). The Home Environment and School Learning: Promoting Parental Involvement in the Education of Children. San Francisco, CA: Jossey–Bass.

Tuijnman, A. C., & Postlethwaite, T. N. (Eds.). (1994). Monitoring the standards of education. Oxford: Pergamon.

Tuijnman, A.C. (1999). Research agenda for lifelong learning: A report by the task force of the International Academy of Education. In A. C. Tuijnman and T. Schuller (Eds.), Lifelong Learning: Policy and Research (pp. 1–22). London: Portland.

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