Academic Activities for April-August 2013

Academic Activities for April-August 2013

Dear Fellows:

Last December I confirmed the realization of the Academic Activities we had planned for 2013 during our last General Assembly at Victoria, April 2012.

Today I am attaching the following documents, for the activities that will be taking place in the next months:


a) The Summary of the IAE-AERA Symposium organized by Dr. Doug Willms on “The Role of Educational Quality, Equality and Equity in Low-Income Countries: Findings from the International Academy of Education”. The participants are: William Schubert, Marc Depaepe, Martin Carnoy, Eric Hanushek / Ludgar Woessmann, Crain Soudien, Maria de Ibarrola and Doug Willms.

  • Scheduled Time: Sun, Apr 28 - 8:15am - 10:15am, Building/Room: Grand Hyatt / Orpheum

Download Symposium Program

b) The Summary of the IAE EARLI symposium organized by Dr. Reinhard Pekrun and Dr. Doug Willms on "Affective and social outcomes of education". The participants are Monique Boekaerts, Reinhard Pekrun, Doug Willms, Ludger Woessmann and Fritz Oser (discussant).

  • August 27-31, 2013, Technische Universität München. More information to be provided by Dr. Pekrun

Download Symposium Abstract
Download EARLI 2013 Program

c) For the information of those participating in AERA, I am enclosing the scheduled time, place and type of activity 21 IAE fellows will develop at the Conference.

Download AERA Session Information

I am also glad to inform that:
The Nurturing of Educational Researchers special interest group (Lorin Anderson, María de Ibarrola, Denis Phillips, Gavriel Salomon and Ulrich Teichler), is planning to meet in Guanajuato, México next June 12- 16. We are expecting a positive answer to the application submitted at the beginning of February for the necessary funding.

  • The meeting is aimed to finish the two books this SIG has been working on: Dialogues and Debates on the training on educational researchers, and The making of an educational researcher. International and Interdisciplinary Experiences. For this second book (a biography book) other IAE fellows have confirmed their interest in writing about their own experience: Adrienne Alton-Lee, Andreas Demetrious, Stella Vosniadou, Servaas van der Berg and Will Schubert.

The IAE executive committee nominated Dr. Lauren Resnick to the Jacobs Research Prize. Three fellows answered initially our invitation to be nominated and finally only Dr. Resnick completed all the necessary documentation.

Finally, by this means I am inviting all fellows to send proposals for the scientific program and the business matters you would like to develop and analyze during the General Assembly next September.

Best wishes to you all,
María de Ibarrola
President, International Academy of Education

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